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Are you crazy? Would you really believe me when I say I don’t care? You seem so indestructible, like emotion does not exist when it’s you. Lightly, most of the time without any firm reason, I get hurt. Sometimes, I really want to kick you right back, harm you, see you flinch with pain but I can’t. I ache because I care so much about you. It’s not even about who’s wrong anymore, I’d apologize. Us, you specifically, you’re more important, you over arguments, I don’t even want to get any negative point across anymore, I just want you. 

I don’t like it when we fight, I feel like I’m already losing you even though you’re still with me. Like you’re purposely slipping away, slowly.

You know how you never try to fix things because you think it’s always gonna be okay in the morning? One day it won’t and we’re gonna be so sick of each other and it’ll hurt.

I don’t like how I’m so good at doing things that make people feel bad. Sometimes, I think it through, I push myself to believe that something really good is gonna happen that will equal out the bad. I wish something does. 

I will make it up to him somehow.