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I guess I’m just another girl you can tell your next girl about. I wonder what you’ll say, “she was amazing, she was my partner, she actually loved me when she knew every little thing I’ve done,” or maybe “dude, she just went crazy.” I forgot how bad it felt to cry, hearing your voice on loop, the first time we made love on your cold leather couch, “Look at me, I won’t leave you,” your fingers pushed aside the hair from my eyes. Knowing you, you’ll probably just throw away everything without the slightest bit of emotion. I wish we actually connected that I understood you completely. I guess we never really were that close. I think I’ll be okay. I opened my soul to you, I wish I never did.

Telling someone you love to go away, to just go on with life without putting up a fight to make something work, is it really for the best when you’re hurting them and not to mention yourself? Would it really be such a hard task to stay and keep a promise? Something happens not because it was meant to be but because two people fixed every single crack and super glued everything together. One person will remain the same through sun and showers, knowing there’s someone holding them, it keeps them strong and steady. But when you let them go, the soul they loved you with, it’ll die from the fall.

You know how you never try to fix things because you think it’s always gonna be okay in the morning? One day it won’t and we’re gonna be so sick of each other and it’ll hurt.

Don’t invest time on something that makes you cry more than it makes you smile.